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iMotors are committed to protecting your privacy.  All of the website functionality is available without giving any personal information whatsoever.  The only time we’ll ask you for personal information is when you sign up for an account, and the only time you need an account is when you want to place an advert on the website.

Registering for an account

When you place an advert on the website you will be asked to sign up for an account.   During this process you will be asked for three items of personal information – your email address, postcode and telephone number.

Your email address is used for two reasons.   Firstly, it is required so that we can contact you with details on how to manage your advert and account.   Secondly, it is required so that potential buyers can contact you directly via email.

Your postcode is required so that potential buyers can determine the distance between themselves and you.

Your telephone number is required so that potential buyers can contact you.

Your personal details can be edited at any time using the 'My Account' link from the 'Tools' menu.

iMotors guarantee that they will never give any of your personal details to another party.

Use of cookies

The iMotors website makes use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience.  Cookies are used to remember previous searches, short-listed vehicles and login details where applicable.

Most of the website features will work with cookies disabled, but some of our advanced features may not.

None of the data held in cookies is used for purposes other than outlined above.